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One of the best new shows on t.v. would have to be The Voice, NBC's first singing competition show. The Voice is a singing competition in which the four judges are competing to find "The Voice". They have their back to the performers, so their look doesnt' matter, at the auditions and if they like them they hit their button and their chair turns around. If only one judge turns around the singer is on their team, if more than one judge turns around the judges must convince the singer to join their team and the singer must pick, if no one turns around the singer is out. Each judge needs 8 team members which they pick from the selected performers chosen from the national auditions that were not aired on t.v. and did not feature the actual judges. After the judges each have 8 they train them. Then they have to cut their teams down from 8 to 4. They continue to train with them and in the final episode, the nation votes for which 1 singer wins on which team out of the 16 singers. This is the first season and the judges this season are Cee Lo Green, country singer Blake Shelton, Grammy winner Christina Aguleira, and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. 
So, I've been watching NBC'S show community recently and it has me cracking up. Weird remarks, odd characters and comments, funny jokes, it's got it all. Community is about a community college study group and their study sessions, school days, outside lives, relationships, friendships, encounters, etc. It features a cast that includes legendary Chevy Chase as an old, racist man. It also features the actress who played Helen in the old Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh. One of my favorite episodes is the Christmas episode from this season in which one of the characters, Abed, tries to find the meaning of Christmas. In the episode they are all claymations like in the old movies, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Year Without A Santa Clause, A Miser Brother's Christmas, etc. It features some singing and a great script. I was dying of laughter watching the episode. So watch Communtiy on NBC Thursday's at 8:00 to 8:30. 
In September, Abc released a new comedy series about an ordinary family, the Powells, who survive a plane crash and gain superpowers from a plant in the water they landed in. There are 4 family members. J. J. the school failure, a teenager in high school, the youngest of the family, who gains a superbrain. Daphne, his older sister, also a teenager, who gains the power to hear peoples thoughts and see their experiences when she touches them. There is Stephanie, their mom, who is a scientist and gains super speed, and Jim, the father, a sketchartist for the police department, who gains superstrength and the power to jump over a quarter of a mile. While Jim secretly fights badguys with his friend George telling him when there is any trouble in progress, the only one outside of the family who knows from the start about their powers, the rest of the family tries to blend in with the rest of the world and act normal. The rest of them may not fight badguys but they help a lot of people with their powers. And don't forget Katie, Stephanies lab assistant who is the only person other than George who knows about the familys power. She helps Stephanie research their powers and is a big part of the action when she starts dating someone who she doesn't know is a supervillian. Well that's all I'm going to say befor I give all the show away but you should watch it. It is a funny, action-packed, new hit. You can watch all the episodes on, I reccomend the links from on yidio, and the latest 5 episodes can be seen on
The Emmy's were this week. They were exciting and fun but the one thing I was so happy about was the award for Best Comedy Series which went to my favorite show, Modern Family!
My favorite show is Modern Family. It is about 3 families who are all related. They are frequently being interviewed in the show where they explain things and narrate the story. Each episode has a few different stories. Sometimes each family will have a different story, sometimes each family will have 2. Sometimes one story will include the whole family or connect the different stories. Whatever it is, no character is ever left out of an episode. Anyway, the show is hilarious and a huge hit. It is on abc on Wednesday nights at 9:00. The 1st season already ended but you can watch the 2nd season which started in September. You can also find links to the older episodes on yidio. The megavideos are the best and has the latest 5 episodes. So, watch Modern Family, winner of best comedy series at the 2010 Emmy's.