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The Men In Black are back, although, to be honest, I have never seen the first two movies fully through, but I can tell you they enter theaters with a bang. Last night I saw Men In Black 3, the 3rd installment of the popular franchise Men In Black. The movie is full of wit, great acting, awesome special effects, and lots of action. The movie opens in a prison on the moon holding the evil alien Boris The Animal, or as he says, it's just Boris. And as Boris is Jemaine Clement, who delivers one of the best performances of the year. He not only packs in a mix of fear, but also a mix of wit and fun. He is one of the best parts of the movie. So, Boris escapes the prison and plans to go back in time and kill Agent K so Agent K never shoots off his arm and so his species can attack Earth, since, without K, there would not be the forcefield to protect Earth that K deployed. When Agent J finds that the world has suddenly changed, he goes back in time to destroy Boris before Boris can do anything bad in the past 40 years and before he can kill Agent K. Agent K is played in the future by, again, Tommy Lee Jones. In the past he is played by Josh Brolin, whose impersonation of Jones is so spot on, I didn't even realize that he wasn't Jones until the credits. The movie is further enhanced by a character by the name of Griffin, played by Michael Stuhlbarg, who offers comic relief as well as a way to keep the story moving and an underlying plot. Stuhlbarg plays the part with perfection, channeling his inner crazy person, as well as his alien side, paying off in the end with a performance that is both witty and fun, as well as a bit touching. The movie packs in the thrills, chills, laughter, and everything in-between, knowing when to be scary, when to be funny, when to be moving, and when to be action-y. The movie delivers a touching, yet fun, action-packed, hilarious, and odd adventure. I am glad to say that Men In Black 3 delivers from the moment the lights go down, until they go up, proving to be a movie that transports you like every movie should. So go and enjoy it, and bring a piece of pie too, because, as Agent K says, it really helps clear the brain, and all you will have to worry about is enjoying this fantastic thrill ride of a movie.

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