Broadways Best
On July 31st I saw Sister Act. It was amazing!!! It was hilarious, fun, happy, touching, a feel-good, meaningful show. With a wonderful disco score by the genious Alan Menken, with some funny lyrics, some great beats, and some unforgettable tunes. If Book of Mormon was a 100, I would give this a 96. That's a really good review. Also the sets were great! It was at the same theatre that Shrek was at and the stage there is humungous!!! That made room for big, cool sets that were interactive and really well tied in with the story line. The set started off kind of bland, like at an old church, than became bright, and colorful, with lights that flashed and were bright, as the main character, Deloris, changes her ways and as the action heats up. The show is about Deloris, a singer looking for a job at a nightclub but can't find one, witnessing her gangster boyfriend murdering someone. She runs off to the police chaswed by them. She loses them and gets placed in a convent to hide away from them. In the convent she pretends to be a nun and learns that the nuns are bad singers. She decides to help them while her boyfriend and his gang hunt her down. So go see Sister Act, at the Broadway theatre, a fast-paced, fun loving, musical comedy for everyone!

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