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If you read my Bonnie and Clyde review, you know that I predicted that Ben Brantley (the hard to please lots of times not in agreement with the audiences Ben Brantley) would run the show out of business with his terrible review. Well, sadly, I was right. Bonnie and Clyde is set to close December 30th, at that time the show will have played 69 performances in total including previews. Thank you for closing an amazing show Ben Brantley. And Frank Wildhorn is not a bad composer, all the critics just are mean. He is amazing. Try to get tickets if you can before it closes because this show is a really great show. Although if Ben Brantley gives something a really good review, it's usually amazing so he always finds the really amazing shows. Other than that, the critics were wrong, wrong, wrong. Why won't they just let audiences judge nowadays because I am sick of these critics giving audiences the wrong ideas. I know technically they count as audiences too, but I just wish they didn't fully just make it like they're always right. People believe what they read so this show is going to close, and I bet many others will close under Brantley's grip too. Not to be mean because he knows what he's saying and can predict amazing shows, it's just that this time he was wrong. Goodbye Bonnie and Clyde, an amazing show. Please I beg you to check it out before it shoots its last bullet at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater December 30th.

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