Broadways Best
This title is kind of funny because of the irony of it, but lets talk news. Newsies, the 90's Disney musical movie flop is coming to Broadway. When the movie came out it was a failure at the box office, but overtime it became a classic. Alan Menken, the music writer to the movie, realized this and decided that Newsies should be a stage musical. He wrote some new numbers, some rewrites were made on the script and some characters even added or changed, and it was a hit at the famous Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. Because it was such a hit, it is now coming to Broadway and is going to be a part of Disney on Broadway. It is scheduled for a limited run from March to June but my guess is that the show will become so popular that it is extended for a while. Does anyone else see Tony's? So be sure to check out Broadways future hit, coming soon to Broadway.

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