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So anyway, on Friday May 27 at 8:00 P.M., I saw Memphis the 2010 Tony Winning Best Musical. It was amazing. I have to say that if Wicked and Memphis were open in the same year and up for Tony Awards, Memphis might be competition. It was so amazing, I don't even know where to begin. First of all every song had me wanting to jump out of my seata nd start singing and dancing along. Joe DiPietro and David Bryan's music and lyrics made for one of the best musical scores I've heard in years. The only song I didn't care for was a song called "Someday", it was a good song but I don't think it fit in well with the other songs in the show. It was too sweet and why it was sung wasn't a good reason. SMALL SPOILER (NOT VERY IMPORTANT OR STORY RUINING IF YOU DECIDE TO GO SEE IT) It was for Felicia to sing live on the radio station that Huey runs. She was displaying her voice on the radio and from what she sung in the bar scenes, I thought it disn't display her voice as great if I were listening to the radio and heard it. She sung it beautifully though. SPOILER OVER. Anyway the story is about a white man named Huey during the 1950's living in the racist town of Memphis, Tennessee. One day he finds a black, underground nightclub and comes in even though he isn't black and he could be beaten up or hurt like what happened in those days. He explains how his dad always told him to stay away from blacks but black music Is the "Music of My Soul" as the song is called. Also at the nightclub he meets a black girl who's brother owns the club and sings at it with him. He and her have a connection. He then tries to find a radio where he can play this music and finally does. He then promises the girl he met at the nightclub, Felicia, that he will get her on the radio. I'm not gonna say too much more so I don't ruin the show if you decide to go see it but ultimately, SPOILER (ALTHOUGH THE SPOILER SEEMS BIG IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BIG IT IS JUST SOMETHINGS THAT HAPPEN NOT WHAT IS BIG THINGS IN THE SHOW KNOWING THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT RUIN YOUR EXPERIENCE IF YOU GO TO SEE THE SHOW BUT JSUT SAYING IT MIGHT) he gets her on the radio, gets a t.v. show, and tries to be a couple with Felicia though they could be killed for that. (SPOILER OVER) Anyway, the show is headed by a great cast with Chad Kimball as Huey and Montego Glover as Felicia. Sadly when I went, Chad Kimball's standby was in instead of him. I really wanted to see Kimball but his standby did an amzing job too. The whole cast is amazing. All of the cast's voices are AMAZING!!! I have to say that the show is probably one of the most fun shows ever. So head on down to the Sam S. Shubert theatre and see the 2010 Tony Award Winning Musical, Memphis, the most fun show since Wicked.

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