Broadways Best
Yesterday I saw Once the Musical the ravely reviewed new show at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. To be honest, it wasn't as great as it was reviewed to be. Also, I went in with really high expectations. The show should have been shorter considering that it stretched its material into two acts. Also it sort of just ended whereas I didn't feel it established much of an ending. Okay let's back up. When you walk in you are invited on the stage (set as a bar for the entire show) for drinks. At one point most of the actors (not the leads) come out and play 4 songs for everyone. During the third song people are started to be ushered off the stage. The first song starts after the 4 songs end and the song starts before the lights even go down, very confusing to whether the show started or not. In the middle of the first song the lights went out, and the theatre was darker than any other theatre I've ever been in, because the light was purposely not so bright. It reassured me that the lights would not be on the whole time when they finally went off, and I was glad to soon find that the lights weren't so dim the whole show. Anyway, I liked that way of starting the show because it sort of connected the audience into the show and instead of just starting the show it sort of made it seem to fade in to the show which I very much liked. One of the highlights of the show, surprisingly, was the lighting. It helped show changes in mood. The actors (Ben Hope was understudying for Steve Kazee) were mostly good, and their accents all spot on. To be honest, the show was kind of confusing and didn't live up to the expectation of pain that the New York Times said there was. Also the show had many chances to give a little punch or surprise to the audience, but didn't take them. At one point one of the characters didn't get the job promotion he had been long awaiting and I thought, "When do the tears come?," just to find that they didn't as that it wasn't made monumental enough. Sure the show as a whole was sweet and cute, and I admit I had the songs stuck in my head, well most of them anyway. They were almost all catchy and great, and they were sung well. It was definitely creative and original, I'll give them that, but it needed more for a two act show and a more substantial ending. Yes, you will probably enjoy it, and their are certain people who would enjoy it more than others, but it still lacks somewhere, and is not your best bet. Frankly, the second act was better just so you know if you actually hate it enough to want to leave, but not THAT much better, but I doubt you'll think of leaving considering everyone likes the show and, well, if I were you I wouldn't waste money by not seeing all I paid for. I wish the show were more cutesy and didn't have the accents, because it could have been more romantic and touching. So, it may not be the greatest show ever, but you'll like this cute, interesting, creative show. Beware, don't sit partial view like I did because you will miss some important things and will have to stretch your neck (the set blocks some things). So check this inventive show out, and definitely get the soundtrack, now playing at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.

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