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Irresistible, Charming, Pleasant. What are these? These are reviews on the Marquis of the 2nd ever Broadway revival of the Tony and even Pulitzer Prize winning musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, all completely wrong. I saw this show today and was surprised to find it was the only show I've ever hated. This show is only making it because of commercially successful actors, who frankly can't act, at least not the replacements for Daniel Radcliffe, John Laroquette, and many other actors who have since moved on from this overly (and not in a good way) charismatic revival of a beloved show. As Ben Brantley says in his review, the script left room that the actors had to fill, and I agree because this show surely felt like a rushed show, with practically terrible acting. Let's start with Nick Jonas, he was beyond terrible. His lines were rushed, his emotion and voicing of the character and his lines were all too forced just like Beau Bridges, and Michael Urie, who play his boss J.B. Biggley and Biggley's nephew Bud Frump. Especially Michael Urie, who had mostly lines that were mocking other people so he repeated what they said, but he repeated it in a forced tone that was supposed to be sarcastic but was really too forced. I know this show is supposed to be somewhat sketchy, but the sketchiness is played with a too charismaticness (I know it's a made up word) and an overly sarcastic tone. Some actors didn't have enough charisma while others had too much. This show however had great sets, costumes, and dancing, although frankly a big, awesome, dance during "The Company Way" a song in the mailroom, was overworked. A simple song like it should have been let to be simple instead of being forced into a big mess. The female leads were mostly fantastic with Rose Hemingway as Rosemary, a terrific delight, and Mary Faber and Ellen Harvey were charming and delightful especially Ms. Harvey, who played her part with the perfect amount of comedy, truth, charisma, and sarcasm. Ms. Harvey played Ms. Jones and Ms. Faber played Smitty, Rosemary's best friend. And, perhaps the only talented actor was Rob Bartlett, who played a double role as both Mailroom Head Mr. Twimble, and Chairman Head Wolly Womper. His charm. and truth mixed in with talent and was really a treat to see and hear on stage. This show needs to be played with the truth he showed in his part and sadly it was not. Beau Bridges was a real disappointment as he was unrealistic and nothing special. The sound also had to be louder, of course my ears adjusted to the sound after about 5-10 minutes but it still was quite low. The only really great part of this show were some of the dances but mostly "Brotherhood Of Man" which is an inspirational, witty, fun tune in which the lights on stage were finally turned brighter and the whole cast was finally being fun and smiling and having a good time, which still failed to show through even after this number in any other parts of this show. Overall, go waste your money on a show that isn't a waste in itself. This was my third choice to see after Anything Goes, and Phantom of The Opera, which were both sold out. People were saying that they loved the show when I was walking out and I couldn't help thinking none of them had ever seen a Broadway or even West End show in their life, and this being my (I'm not sure the exact number but it's about) 16th Broadway show ever, I think I can say that. Skip Nick Jonas and his little talent to hold up this show (although of course the songs are amazing) and Beau Bridges and Michael Urie's unrealism and annoyingness (another made up word), unless you wish to see some great actresses (although sadly without good leading men they don't matter) and go see a better show. This revival of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying now playing at the Al Hirschfeld Theater should really be retitled How To Put A Flop On Broadway, Stick A Bunch of Celebrities Into The Leading Roles And Let Your Show Run Completely Because Of Celebrity Power, So Basically Even We Don't Like Our Show Which Looks Like We Put It On Broadway And It Looks Like We Didn't Even Try. Hope someone who has actually seen a show in their life knows How To Succeed In Not Seeing This Show Without Really Trying Or If You Must, Try All You Can.

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