Broadways Best
So on Saturday I saw Catch Me If You Can the Musical. The show was great, I loved it! Led by an allstar cast including Broadway veterans such as Aaron Tveit, Nobert Leo Butz, and Kerry Butler, this show is a fun, upbeat, unforgettable experience. The sets are amazing, the songs are fun, the actors are phenomenal, this show has it all. The show is based on a movie and a book about the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. who from age 16-20 became a conman cashing fake checks owing over 2 million dollars. The whole time he is being tracked down by the FBI with Carl Hanratty leading the investigation. While Frank pretends to be a pilot, a doctor, and even a lawyer to keep the government off his track. Aaron tveit plays the lonely, runaway Frank and sings and dances amazingly! Nobert Leo Butz plays the overly-serious Carl Hanratty with amazing acting, singing, and dancing skills that all won him this years' Tony Award for Best Actor. Kerry Butler plays Frankc love interest, Brenda Strong, and does it with such talent that has the audience out of their seats at the end of the show. These three together are the perfect package, they make this show one you do not want to miss. You'll be on the edge of your seat and cheering for Frank not to get caught while also cheering for Carl to catch him. The show is also hilarious! The whole laughed so much we almost fell out of our seats. So head on down to the Neil Simon theatre on 52nd street for a pleasant surprise of fun, cheerfulness, lots of laughs, an amzing cast, fantastic sets, and an overall great time! 

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