Broadways Best
No, I'm not talking about the movie or the story, I'm talking about this great new musical, now playing at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on Broadway. Although this show got terrible critic reviews, just like Wonderland (which you can watch on youtube apparently and I can see why it didn't get such great reviews), it is a fantastic show with a great cast and great numbers. Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes, two rising Broadway stars, play the famous Clyde and Bonnie, or in Bonnie's opinion in the show, "Bonnie and Clyde," because it, "sounds better." This show is funny, although it's not just laugh after laugh but a nice break between jokes, and although the script has gotten terrible criticism, I thought it was great. It was funny, told the story well- heck, I even learned from this show- and had great transitions into and out of the music. It helped stay true to and tell the true story. The show has some great numbers, and some really catchy tunes that I'm just waiting to be able to hear everyday on the cast recording (which I will most definitely buy). The only issue with songs were a couple of weird lyrics and in the Bonnie's old school ballad "Dying Ain't So Bad", once Laura hit the high note, I didn't like the rest of the song, because I learned that she sings great high notes and I was mad that that was her only high note in the entire show. Other than that, there were great special effects, the blood (which according to a guy at the bathroom sink during intermission went onto the people in the center front row) was so cool, and the guns were so realistic, in fact the first gun shots in the show (the first 5 seconds of the show as soon as the overture ends) scared me a little. But don't worry, you'll get used to it. This show is a great show and although some audiences said they saw Tony's, I say that the problem is that the critics are usually on the same page as the Tony voters, so there's not a chance. Well let's get past that sad fact and say that this show is great, the sets, the costumes (nothing too complex because nothing too complex was needed) and a great score by Frank Wildhorn and (the undeserving usually terrible with words lyricist) Don Black. So critics aside, I had a great time. This show was a breath of fresh air that doesn't get old (like the amazing Book of Mormon that even though great has songs that are getting more and more redundant each time I listen too them, in fact I've stopped listening to certain songs too often, but other songs I still can't stop listening to) because the songs are not in anyway forcing themselves to be something. I just recommend you see the Word of Mouth review for this show where the panel of frequent Broadway show audience members praised this show, and screw the critics because after all, a little peace of joyful, fun, heaven is now playing on Broadway, so go and see it before Ben Brantley's (the hard to please though fully respectable Ben Brantley's) review runs this show bankrupt like it did with Wonderland (which I don't fully blame him for although it doesn't seem like the worst thing ever and the songs are catchy or at least some but the book seems to ruin everything, Wonderland). I am proud to say I have found a great new show that once the cd comes out, I will not put down. So check this new musical out now, by (the first time Broadway book writer but famous television script writer) Ivan Menchell and music by Frank Wildhorn and Don Black. I loved this show because it is what classic Broadway is, that great classic-ness of Broadway that Rodgers and Hammerstein and Berlin and Hart that filled the 1900's with joy. Bonnie and Clyde, the true story that will shoot you so you'll never forget it.

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