Broadways Best
Yesterday I saw Fat Camp, the witty, fun, and inventive new show, now playing at the American Theatre of Actors. When you first walk into the tiny theatre, now housing this marvelous production, it is like stepping into a camp. There are posters all around the theatre relating to the fat camp, and also the funny signs on the stage-which bares no curtain. They are all hilarious and before the show even starts you are laughing just reading them. The show is more of your rock musical type of show, and I had no clue of that when the show started, so the rock music overture sort of made me jump a little. The premise of the show is that all these kids are sent to Camp Overton, a fat camp in who knows where. The two main characters are Robert and Taylor. Robert was sent to fat camp but doesn't want to waste his summer at fat camp and is proud of being "fat". Taylor isn't that fat but is there because she sent herself wanting to lose some weight. Through a series of romance and heartbreak, rule following and rule breaking, and many other things, the campers find themselves in a dilemma that they must solve. The show has got wits, humor, and talent, not to mention a great score. One of my favorite things about the show was the intricate set, and the brilliant staging. Both of those elements worked so well together, and I found myself in awe at some of the set tricks, like a built in candy case in one of the walls. Everything and everyone worked so well together, and their choreography was great! The only thing I didn't like was that a few of the songs and dance numbers sounded and looked too much alike, but other than that they were all great. One of my favorite scenes in the show is a nod to Glee when the cast does an a cappella number in the shows' style. Also, you should know it was just a preview, but if this was just a preview, it can only get better. This show really captures the camp feel of fun and a bit sketchy and that's what camp is. So go see this great new musical, now in a limited engagement.

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